Pack of Feet Mask Peeling Feet Peel Care Beauty Feet Exfoliating Membrane Patch


This is a pack of feet peeling mask which is designed as feet shapes. It is manufactured in unified size and fit for Size 44 in maximum. This feet mask can cover up to ankles without leaking essence. There is no deny that this item is an excellent feet beauty accessory.
- Color: As shown in the picture.
- Material: Membrane。
- Size: 14 * 17 * 0.5cm/ 5.5 * 6.7 * 0.2 inch (L*W*H).
- Submissive and stick tightly to the feet.
- Safe and fit for most feet skin.
- After using about 3 days, it falls off naturally and needs no hand to tear.
- With skin smoothing and moisturising mild ingredients, it offers great help to beautify feet skin, improve foot cracks and make feet smooth and soft.
- Wide applications: Suitable for treatment of exfoliating, calluses, peeling, feet odor, dry skin and other feet problems.
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