Gym exercise Health Yoga Body Building Training Anti-fatigue fitness Pull Latex Elastic Rubber Rope Exerciser

Features :

Resistance Bands Tubes for Yoga Exercise Fitness Workout Stretch Training. This band provides Light Resistance and constructed from robust rubber material.
It comes with Double Foam Padded Handle Grip for comfort and stable grip. Excellent quality and performance.
Robust Rubber Material for Long Durability
Made from High Grade Material
Comfortable and Soft Foam Padded Handle Grips
Excellent for fitness exercises
Allows you to tone and sculpt every muscle group.
Both for men and women .
Light and portable,suitable for home and office use.

Brand New in Packaging

How To Use It?

A typical use for resistance tube is to place under your feet while standing, hold the other end in one or both hands, and pull up against the tubes. This is the equivalent of a bicep curl with hand weights. A resistance tube with foam handles on either end can be held by the feet while seated on the ground with legs outstretched. Taking a handle win either hand, you pull both back and shoulder muscle to work the same muscle groups that a rowing machine would exercise.
Resistance tubes are much more portable than other exercise equipment. You can take your resistance tubes travelling with you and exercise in your hotel room or even your office.


Yellow: 5*8*1200MM,
Red: 5*9*1200MM,
Blue: 6*9*1200MM,
Green: 5*10*1200MM,
Black: 5*11*1200MM

Package includes:
1 x Resistance Band
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